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25 July 2016 @ 03:10 pm
In Pieces
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: In Pieces by Linkin Park
Characters/Pairings: Castiel + Naomi.
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers: Up to 8x23.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Vid focusing on Castiel, Naomi, and their relationship.

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23 July 2016 @ 02:03 pm
Say Something
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Say Something by A Great Big World
Characters/Pairings: Castiel + God.
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: Up to 11x23.
Warnings: None.
Summary: "Say something, I'm giving up on you." Vid focusing on Castiel's relationship with God.

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16 July 2016 @ 05:00 pm
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Lies (Acoustic) by Marina and the Diamonds
Characters/Pairings: Castiel, Dean.
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: Up to 11x23.
Warnings: Not Dean or Destiel friendly tbh.
Summary: "Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family's there through the good, bad, all of it. They got your back even when it hurts. That's family."

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Author: septembers_coda
Title:Service at Old Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural AU (medieval fantasy setting)
Word Count: 2,500 this chapter
Rating: PG-13 this chapter, NC-17 later
Author’s note: This is A WIP to be posted weekly. Current length is 30k words and growing. Later chapters are explicit, with warnings for dom/sub, master/slave dynamic, bondage and light BDSM.

Summary: Castiel had loved Lord Sam since he was thirteen years old. He had never heard of such a love, and wondered if there was something wrong with him on a soul-level, that the only touch he wanted, the only face that stirred him to desire, was a remote, impossible dream. But there was nothing else for him in a family that didn’t want him, a home that was no home.

The damaged, heroic, tragically beautiful younger Winchester brother had retreated to the remote, bleak, and haunted northerly fiefdom of Old Winchester after the terrible Demon War.

That made Old Winchester the only place Cas wanted to be.
Castiel was homesick.
20 June 2016 @ 08:25 pm
Title. My Palate Got Clean
Author. kaiyote
Fandom. Supernatural
Characters. Castiel, Dean
Rating. G
Spoilers. 8x08
Warnings. None
Disclaimer. I do not own Supernatural
Summary. "Dean! I said no!" Cas shouted. (A different conversation that could've taken place between Castiel and Dean in 8x08.)

My Palate Got Clean
15 June 2016 @ 01:36 pm
Can't Help Falling In Love
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Can't Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson
Characters/Pairings: Castiel/Hannah.
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: Up to 11x02.
Warnings: None.
Summary: "And what about you? Do you hate me?" Cas x Hannah vid.

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Title: With Understanding
Author: apokteino
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Genre: angst, drama
Warnings: kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, Lima Syndrome (at present, will add)
Word Count: 12,000 (this part) / 253,000 (total)
Summary: Supposed serial killer Dean Winchester kidnaps his soulmate, FBI Agent Castiel Novak. What ensues is a battle of wills – one determined to be free, and one determined to be loved.

With Understanding

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18
30 May 2016 @ 02:46 pm
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Clean by Travis Atreo (Taylor Swift cover)
Characters/Pairings: Past Dean/Castiel.
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers: Up to 11x06.
Warnings: Abuse.
Summary: Human AU. After years of being in an abusive relationship with Dean, Cas finally breaks free.

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26 May 2016 @ 05:57 pm
Title: Paid In Full
Characters (Pairings): Castiel, Dean, Sam, Bobby; Castiel/omcs
Ratings/Warnings: Adult; contains rape, manhandling, hurt Castiel, restraints, forced voyeurism; the brothers and Bobby being used against Cas to ensure his co-operation
Word Count: about 2200
Summary:Dean and Sam get word of a book that might hold the key to stopping the Apocalypse. Desperate times, and all, so they don't hesitate to steal it. Unfortunately for Cas, its owner holds a grudge and has a rather cruel way of settling scores.

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