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HEY GUYS! overstreets and I have been talking, and we've decided that we really seriously love you guys and that you're awesome. We've hardly had to ask ANYONE to spoiler-cut posts they're making, and from the point of view of a completely paranoid spoilerphobe who recently took almost every single comm off her friends list but kept this one on, this is a REALLY REALLY GREAT THING. :D We haven't even had to REMIND you!

Anyhoo the point behind this post is:

That's right, we're having a CASTIEL COMMENT FIC MEME!


1) Leave a comment here with a prompt involving Castiel. Or Misha. RPS is welcome here as well as angel fic! Your prompt must involve Castiel or Misha in some way.

2) ANY pairing, any genre you want. Want to read a gen AU in which Castiel is Dean's guidance counsellor? A smutty Castiel/Uriel/Anna romp? Castiel/Lucifer? Jared/Jensen/Misha BFF fic? Misha getting double-teamed by Jim Beaver and Eric Kripke? Leave it in a comment, and someone might write it!

3) On that note, no being mean about other people's requests!

4) Scroll through the comments and when you find a prompt you like, write it in reply to the comment. There is NO LIMIT to how many people can reply to one comment. You can even reply to your own if you want. Then go and read other people's comments!

5) PIMP!!! Here is a handy-dandy text box you can copy/paste into your own journal for pimping.

6) And finally: NO SPOILERS FOR FUTURE EPISODES. Which means, yes you CAN write fic based on all episodes which have currently aired. This means that if you haven't seen last night's, you might want to steer clear of this post until you do!


justabi wrote Anna/Castiel - Anna leaves him the choice but that doesn't mean she can't help him a little with showing him what fun he misses.
annella wrote Sam/Dean/Castiel - hurt/comfort of any kind
impalalove wrote Dean/Cas hurt/comfort with wings.
justabi wrote Lucifer/Castiel. An even more screwed-up pair of brothers.
annella wrote Castiel the big giant virgin trying to make it with so-totally-not-a-virgin Dean.
earthquakedream wrote Jared/Misha, I can't have the one I want, so I'll have you instead
mariana_oconnor wrote AU, Castiel is fighting on the battlefield with Dean at his side against the armies of hell.
earthquakedream wrote Jared, Jensen and Misha; Misha just got back from his first convention.
bekkis wrote Jared/Misha - Jared has a secret crush
earthquakedream wrote J2 from Misha's perspective
ambiguous_opal wrote Castiel/Sam, post-4x16, both trying to comfort the other.
maxinegray wrote Castiel comforting Dean after the end of last nights episode.
aesc wrote AU, Castiel as a PI
earthquakedream wrote Jensen/Misha, post 4.16
demdiff wrote Castiel apologises to Dean
hey_trinket wrote Castiel and Tessa - having a conversation about Dean.
noveltea wrote Castiel/Dean- realizations in the rain, possibly them fighting?
demdiff wrote Castiel watches over Dean while Dean is peacefully sleeping.
hey_trinket wrote Castiel/Alistair - fighting over Dean
storm_light wrote Angsty one-sided Castiel/Dean.
earthquakedream wrote Dean/Castiel. Nightmares, possibly seeing the other die or just having Dean have a nightmare.
unreckless wrote AU, Castiel as Dean's psychologist.
earthquakedream wrote Matchmaker!Misha, setting up Jared and Jensen because he can see how in love with each other they are.
earthquakedream wrote Dean/Castiel in a library
osmalic wrote Ruby/Castiel. Somehow they balance each other out.
pyrebi wrote Dean is stuck babysitting Castiel's dorky vessel when Castiel is needed in heaven.
i_want_2 wrote Dean is stuck babysitting Castiel's dorky vessel when Castiel is needed in heaven.
darksilvercat wrote Castiel/Mishaland - Castiel gets sucked into the magical world of the internet
shadowofcastiel wrote Dean and Sam return to their motel room to find Castiel and the rest of his garrison of angels inside awaiting orders
bekkis wrote Castiel being the first angel to reach Dean in hell.
justabi wrote Sam/Castiel, bonus if it's because at least one of them is really pining for Dean.
impalalove wrote Dean/Castiel slashy tie!porn... because Dean needs to make use of that tie, and Castiel needs to be yanked
moonlettuce wrote Dean/Castiel slashy tie!porn... because Dean needs to make use of that tie, and Castiel needs to be yanked
radiophile wrote Dean/Castiel - Angels are soulless messengers created for a specific purpose and cease to exist when their job is done. How Dean and Cas deal with that.
archer_of_fate wrote Dean prays for Castiel.
justabi wrote Misha/Jensen. Misha hates Castiel’s trench coat but Jensen thinks Misha’s sexy in it. After a long night of filming, Jensen shows how much he loves Misha in the trench coat.
bekkis wrote Jensen/Misha/Jared - body shots and drunken fun
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