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Castiel Comment!fic Meme

It's been a while since the last comment!fic meme in took place, and I thought it'd be nice to have another one, with season five being so damn good to us Castiel fans :D



1. Leave a comment here with a prompt involving Castiel or Misha. RPS is welcome here as well as Supernatural fic! Your prompt must involve Castiel or Misha in some way.

2. Scroll through the comments and when you find a prompt you like, write a fic in reply to the comment. There is no limit to how many people can reply to one prompt. When filling a prompt, please state it in the subject line (for example: “Filled: prompt”) of your comment.

3. NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES. You can write fic based on all currently aired episodes (which means up to episode 5x03).

3. Any pairing and any genre you want.

4. PIMP IT!! And have fun :D

thewayoutis wrote Chastity's POV on that scene with Cas, and the reason why she started screaming
no_apologies_86 wrote The conversation that Dean had with Castiel about personal space
ibroketuesday wrote Castiel is addicted to texting Dean P1 and P2
chasingtides wrote Cas getting arrested and the cops think he's crazy, because he starts talking about demons
downfall35 wrote Castiel befriends a turtle
martyred_wings wrote Dean woke up to find Castiel had painted chocolate all over his body P1 and P2
house_kitten wrote Castiel has a list of things he wants to ask God when he finds Him
chasingtides wrote Lucifer/Castiel, Lucifer was the one to bring Castiel back. Lucifer has a fondness for lost puppies
sparseparsley wrote Lucifer/Castiel, Lucifer was the one to bring Castiel back. Lucifer has a fondness for lost puppies
hils wrote Castiel thinks it's time to confess his true feelings for Dean. He decides to call him, and just lay everything out the table. Unfortunately - it's Bobby who receives the call...
entangled_now wrote Castiel/Dean UST. After they leave the whorehouse, Dean sits cas down in the Impala and straightens up Cas' clothes again
asphaltangel wrote Dean/Castiel slow dancing (hurt/comfort)
sansday wrote Castiel/Dean UST. After they leave the whorehouse, Dean sits cas down in the Impala and straightens up Cas' clothes again
kriari wrote Michael possesses Dean. Castiel copes
izazov wrote Castiel finds a kitten and wants to look after it. Dean isn't happy about it
zagzagael wrote Castiel pays a visit to Sam
straykim wrote Castiel's first Christmas on Earth P1 and P2
torankoko wrote Michael possesses Dean. Castiel copes
emerald_embers wrote Dean gets Castiel drunk and there is schmoop P1 and P2
ogiraffe wrote Dean/Castiel, after Dean and Castiel visit the brothel, Dean makes a pitstop to finish what Chastity started
luchia13 wrote Castiel needs the Impala to further his search for God. In the presence of God, it turns hot pink P1 and P2
vfdj42 wrote Castiel hears Taylor Swift on the radio and refuses to listen to anything but "You Belong With Me". Dean tries to play one of his tapes, but it still plays Taylor Swift
blualbino wrote Castiel befuddles and confuses the hell out of a priest that he questions to find his dad
dotfic wrote Dean gets a flu and he's insufferable. Castiel tries to be of comfort P1, P2 and P3
bauble wrote Ellen meeting Castiel for the first time. And maybe her finding out he's an angel
earthquakedream wrote Jared/Misha; Misha steals Jared's last lollipop

earthquakedream wrote Sam/Castiel; 5x03 coda (sorta)

emerald_embers wrote Alastair cuddles Castiel in a terrifying way P1 and P2

emerald_embers wrote RPF, Misha gives Jared and Jensen a lapdance

martyred_wings wrote Dean cuddles Castiel when the angel feels the cold for the first time

calembours wrote Cas opens Dean's motel door to a couple of missionaries

force_oblique wrote Dean sings to Castiel

rhymephile wrote Dean gets hurt in a hunt and needs a massage

lattimore wrote Dean & Cas on the beach P1 and P2

calembours wrote Castiel reuniting Sam and Dean with Bobby's help, and a locked room

mello_bello_91 wrote Castiel feels bad for taking Dean's necklace, so he decides to try and make it up to him by buying him another one

shaney wrote Anna and Castiel go for ice cream

lady_rock wrote Something fun about what must've happened when Castiel went out to purchase his very first cell phone P1 and P2

calembours wrote Dean/Cas IMs on Sam's Laptop P1 and P2

immortal_jedi wrote Age-regressed!Jimmy, same old Castiel. Would like it to be a curse, Castiel wears an ugly sweater Dean picked up at a thrift store

weallfallout wrote Castiel finds a pair of sunglasses at the quickie mart and they're huge and white with little rhinestones on them and he wears them constantly for three weeks

bauble wrote Slow dancing P1 and P2

22by7 wrote Dean gets Castiel to sit down for a photo for his fake ID

weallfallout wrote Dean teaches Castiel how to drive... the Impala P1 and P2

ticketsthisway wrote Dean puts Castiel on a babyleash. (Like the little monkey backpacks with a leash so they don't run away)

claudiapriscus wrote Cas meets Phelps, or one of his 'followers' from the Westboro Baptist Church. Smiting would be a bonus P1, P2 and P3

anniehow wrote Trickster meddles with Dean/Cas by throwing every cliche romantic situation in the book at them to teach them a lesson about ignoring their feelings P1, P2, P3 and P4

devikun wrote Castiel meets John Constantine (Hellblazer) or maybe just finds one of the comics P1, P2, P3 and P4

xela_fic wrote A Texts From Last Night style fic. Sam wakes up to a shitload of texts on his cell from Dean and Castiel P1, P2, P3 and P4

liselisa wrote Castiel discovers karaoke and drags Dean along to an open mic night at a bar. Hilarity ensues.

trinityofone wrote OT3. Dean/Castiel/Impala P1, P2 and P3

liselisa wrote Castiel swearing a blue streak at every opportunity, just because he can

entropy_maximum wrote How did Cas' clothes got back to being rumpled after Dean straightened them?

hardoperatic wrote Dean keeps Castiel in his pocket. As in, tinkerbell!Castiel P1, P2 and P3

liselisa wrote Lucifer and Cas had a relationship before Lucifer was sent to hell

doylefan22 wrote Castiel/Jo

seahorse_4215 wrote Dean attempting to have phone sex with Castiel

seahorse_4215 wrote Castiel tries to file a missing persons report to find God

skeptiik wrote Dean/Castiel. First kiss P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5
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