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Supernatural - a Castiel community
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For fans of Castiel, as portrayed by Misha Collins, on the TV show Supernatural.

This is a community for fans of Castiel, played by Misha Collins, on the CW's Supernatural. It is maintained by kitsu84 and tracy.

1. Anything whose main focus is Castiel or Misha Collins is allowed here.

2. Big pictures (anything exceeding 400x400) and spoilers go under a cut. Offending entries will be deleted immediately, but feel free to repost following the rules. See mod post here if you want more info about what we consider to be spoilery.

3. Label all fanfiction with proper ratings and warnings. All pairings are allowed, including RPS involving Misha. Use something similar to this format when posting fic. Please leave out things like extensive notes and requests for feedback.

4. When posting icons (or anything else) do not link to a locked entry, and please make sure your teasers are relevant to Castiel or Misha Collins. Up to four teasers are allowed. Do not post the rules of your icon communities. That sort of thing belongs in your actual icon post.

5. Do not change the font size, face or color of your post, and do not disable comments from your entry.

6. Please respect any and all creative decisions Kripke and co. make regarding Castiel's character. As much as we love him, this is not our show. Kripke has a clear plan in mind. Discussion and disagreement are fine, but let's not turn this place into a frothing pit of hate just because he didn't do what we wanted.

7. There are NO petitions allowed at this community. None. Again, we're not here to tell Kripke how to write his own show.

8. TAG YOUR POSTS. A full list can be found here.

9. Community promotions are allowed as long as it's relevant to Castiel or Misha Collins. For example, your general Supernatural community does not belong here, but your Castiel/Anna community does.


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